Digital Marketing

  • November 19, 2020

A custom SEO campaign with us targets on-page and off-page SEO, which includes concepts like keyword research and content implementation, to help your most valuable audience find you online.

Our SEO experts have developed the perfect combination of transparent deliverables. With our custom, performance-driven SEO plans, your business can experience the results of optimizing your site for search engine results and ultimately for your bottom line.

We understand that your business deserves much more than just search engine rankings. It also needs the right audience, the right people and the relevant keywords with good search traffic potential. We provide suitable SEO to align with your brand and to optimize for maximum results your visibility and increasing website traffic.

When we kick-off an SEO campaign, your dedicated SEO consultant begins by doing a deep dive into your company, your website, your competitors and your industry. We put on our detective hats and use data to put together a roadmap for your website’s SEO.

Google Ads

Our work with Google Ads is tailored for you by our professionals for maximum impact and online growth solutions with more brand exposure, leads and sales. We start with in-depth keyword research and campaign setup ads so that your website appears at the top of Google search.

Facebook Ads

Did you know that Facebook plays an important role in your digital campaign?

Facebook knows more about your potential customers than any other platform, making it a great way to connect with your audience. Our team at IRE Digital Marketing working with Facebooks Ads will create and design a campaign specifically tailored to reach your goals through Facebook’s powerful advertising platform by building links through social shares, driving traffic to your site and attracting a relevant and engaged audience.

Your brand, your goals, and the best way to reach your audience are all considered. Combining organic tactics and paid social media advertising, we create an encompassing plan to reach the right audience for your brand. With paid social media campaigns, we can target specific audiences likely to convert to leads and sales, thereby driving your brand awareness and consideration.

LinkedIn Ads

IRE Digital Marketing develops LinkedIn ads for your B2B needs in order to target professionals, to both raise awareness of your business in professional circles and also to capture potential clients. We can target specific industries or professionals with specific jobs titles or even more specific goals, in order to optimize campaigns for brand awareness marketing and high engagement.

Instagram Ads

What are your Instagram goals?  Our Insta-savvy team create visually-engaging content to boost your business’ visibility and engagement with your target audience. In tracking and optimizing ongoing campaigns, we make adjustments as necessary to keep performance where you want it. Regular reporting on Instagram post performance allows you to gauge your performance and ensure that your ROI is where it needs to be.

Email Marketing

IRE Digital Marketing create customized emails that deliver and engage your audience, delivering value and information to them while enhancing client engagement and brand awareness.