Company Overview

  • November 19, 2020

Based in Dubai, an international business hub and home to 200 nationalities from across the world, IRE Digital Marketing stands out as a leading marketing and PR agency. With the consistent increase in online and digital technological advancements, we strive to offer the power of digital touch to a broad range of companies, regardless of size, industry, or budget.

Founded by an ex-cabin crew, our team has traveled around the world observing different cultures and traditions. It is these experiences and cultural understanding that allow us to deliver exceptional local and international marketing campaigns that match your specific values and heritage.

Our digital marketing agency in Dubai consists of dedicated professionals delivering a wide range of marketing services from brand development, marketing campaigns, E-Commerce and Web Design, PR, content creation, social media management, and SEO integration In Dubai

We understand that each business is different and a traditional cookie-cutter digital approach is not beneficial for businesses. When you partner with us, we will work closely with you to ensure that we recreate the specific image you want to deliver to your intended audience and the general public.

We begin by meeting with you, virtually or physically, gaining an understanding of your particular needs. Then we research your industry and competitors to ensure that we have the in-depth knowledge that will allow us to create and deliver your brand, website, digital presence, and customer experience. Finally, we work behind the scenes to increase your audience reach through project management and digital integration.